Adyashanti Gathering (monthly, 1st Sundays)

facilitated by Pamela Saari, MA

Note: No gathering in August; Resumes in September
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These evenings are an invitation to honestly and sincerely inquire into our human journey. Each monthly gathering will feature an Adyashanti DVD or audio recording addressing the realization and living of Awakening. As a modern day teacher speaking within modern day context, Adyashanti offers direct non-dual teachings. Teachings through him have been compared to those of the early Zen masters and Advaita Vedanta sages. He is known for his humor, simplicity, and directness. Based in the San Francisco area, Adyashanti teaches globally in offering satsangs, weekend intensives, and silent retreats. For general information, go here. For the basic teachings, go here.

Pamela Saari is a transformational facilitator, mind-body coach, business practitioner, and an intuitive. Committed to the realization and living out of our Essential Nature, she offers a depth of direct experience and inquiry. Pamela has studied Adyashanti’s teachings for over 10 years, and offers this gathering in the spirit of service and satsang. Contact her for more information at: or (206)595-1004. You can also visit her website:

Cost/Registration: $10. No need to register.

Dates in 2014:  9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7

Upcoming Topics

Are you clear on your deepest life impulse and how it is living through you?
What does it mean to live from true autonomy and essential connectedness?
What are the foundational principles of divesting from false identities and a divided life?
Is this thing called “my job” really separate from my innate capacities and creativity?
Are we conditioned to believe that life is a threat to be defended against and managed?
What would it mean to love beyond the personal – inclusively and fiercely?
What do simplicity, clarity of action, and sincerity have to do with all of this?

Example of Format (varies slightly each month)

6:50-7:10:  Refreshments & Announcements (please arrive by 7 p.m.)

7:10-7:20:  Silent Sitting

7:20-8:45:  Adyashanti Teaching and/or Guided Meditation (DVD or audio)

8:45-9:00:  Silent Sitting & Closing

Please Note

- An extensive lending library of DVDs and CDs is available
- Bring warm socks or slippers since The Bodhi Center is a shoes-off facility